Compass Regional Hospice welcomes 6 new patient care volunteers.

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Volunteers who recently completed the training are (left to right) standing Evangeline Pinkney, Centreville; Jacqueline Poyle, Centreville; Pat Whitehill, Centreville; Sharyn Eyre, Stevensville; seated Paula Wagner, Stevensville; and Georgia Stanford, Queen Anne.

In October, residents from Queen Anne’s County completed the three‐day Compass Regional Hospice patient volunteer training program. Completion of this training qualifies these volunteers to provide emotional support and practical assistance to hospice patients, families and caregivers in their homes, in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and in the residential hospice centers in Centreville and Denton.


“Our volunteer training program helps people learn to be a companion as a hospice patient nears the end of life,” says Courtney Williams, Manager of Volunteer and Professional Services for Compass Regional Hospice. “The training also prepares volunteers with knowledge and skills they can use to enhance comfort and quality of life. Trainees explore their own feelings about death and dying as they learn how to be with a patient at one of the most vulnerable times in life.”


Those who wish to provide direct patient care will be required to complete several additional hours with patients under the supervision of a Compass Regional Hospice clinical staff member. Volunteers who wish to be involved in providing grief support for hospice family members will work closely with staff from the Compass Regional Hospice Support Services team. Grief support roles include bereavement volunteer, vigil volunteer and grief support facilitator.


To learn more about volunteer opportunities with Compass Regional Hospice or for information about the next scheduled volunteer training session, visit or call Courtney Williams, Manager of Volunteer and Professional Services, 443‐262‐4112.

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