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On December 29, 2016

The Caroline County Drug Task Force formally charged three suspects accused of operating a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory at a residence located on Calvert Drive, Greensboro, Caroline County, MD. The methamphetamine laboratory was discovered on December 21, 2016.
Clayton R. Dubeau (27 years old) and Jessica Kinsey (29 years old) were charged, via an arrest warrant, with manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of manufacturing equipment, CDS possession not-marijuana, possession CDS administering equipment and paraphernalia. Cassandra Irwin (28 years old) was charged, via criminal summons, with possession of CDS administering equipment.
During the investigation approximately 29 bottles (along with other chemicals and manufacturing equipment) were located at the residence, each of them used to manufacture methamphetamine. Each bottle has the capability of producing between 2-5 grams of methamphetamine. During the crude process of manufacturing methamphetamine, several dangers exist. A catastrophic failure could occur during the process which could result in an explosion causing serious bodily injury and sometimes death. A hazardous material cleanup crew from Pennsylvania had to be summoned to the residence to clean up the waste after everything was rendered safe by Task Force personnel.  
Clayton Dubeau was also served with an outstanding warrant charging him with a clandestine Methamphetamine lab that was discovered in Denton in November 2016.  
The Caroline County Drug Task Force was assisted by the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office and the Maryland State Police. Everyone is urged to contact the Drug Task Force at 410-479-TIPS (8477) or email at: with any drug related information they may have or observed in their community. Everyone can and will remain anonymous.

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  1. Daniel Lewis says:

    I would like to report a individual selling narcotics in the Ridgely area, mainly heroin. William Schindler has also stole money from people as well to purchase the narcotics he sells.William Schindler is also on active parole. I think action should be taking aggressively with William, he does have a firearm that i have seen personally.

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  3. Unicorn says:

    I know right!!..Smh ppl are terrible now a days!

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