Jason Andrew Grimes charged with 45 total counts of Theft and Cynthia Teresa Barnes charged with 35 total counts of Theft and other charges.

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Beginning in April 2016,

Caroline County had started seeing a rash of vehicle break-ins throughout the southern part of Caroline county area, as well as Talbot, Dorchester and Queen Anne’s counties. The vehicle break-ins continued through the months of September 2016.



Detectives from Caroline, Talbot, Queen Anne’s and Dorchester County Sheriff’s Offices, as well as Maryland State Police, conducted a multi-jurisdictional investigation into the break-ins. During the 5 month long investigation, evidence was discovered to indicate, Jason Andrew Grimes as the main suspect.



Investigation revealed that Jason Grimes was leaving his residence in Federalsburg, Md at night and traveling to various locations throughout the surrounding four counties to break into vehicles. Grimes was assisted by his girlfriend, Cynthia Teresa Barnes, who would drive Grimes around most nights. Barnes would remain in the vehicle and ride around while Grimes broke into vehicles.



In July 2016, Caroline County Sheriff’s Office Detectives executed a search and seizure warrant at Grimes and Barnes residence of 307 West Central Avenue, Federalsburg, Maryland. Evidence was located within the residence that tied Grimes to several vehicle break-ins around the Federalsburg area. Grimes was charged with some of the vehicle break-ins on July 19,2016. Grimes was later released by a judge, pending trial. The investigation continued and further evidence was discovered linking Grimes and Barnes to numerous other vehicle break-ins that had occurred since Grimes arrest in July 2016.




Additional warrants were obtained for Grimes’ arrest which charged him with breaking into more vehicles throughout Caroline (Gilpin Point Road / Ganey’s Wharf Road, in Preston).

Grimes was located at an abandoned residence in Federalsburg on September 8, 2016 and taken into custody for multiple warrants. Grimes was housed at the Dorchester County Detention Center. During the month of January 2017, Caroline County Detectives obtained additional arrest warrants charging Grimes with numerous other vehicle break-ins. Grimes is currently being held at the Dorchester County Detention Center on several bonds pending trials for all cases.



Barnes was charged on separate arrest warrants for her role in helping Grimes break into vehicles. Barnes was arrested on January 6 and again on January 12th, 2017. After being seen by a court commissioner, Barnes was released pending her trial dates.



The Caroline County Sheriff’s Office was assisted in this investigation by members of the Talbot County Sheriff’s Office, Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office, Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office, Maryland State Police, Caroline County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Caroline County Drug Task Force.



**Grimes has been charged with 45 total counts of Theft, Rogue and Vagabond, MDOP and Burglary**

**Barnes has been charged with 35 total counts of Theft, Rogue and Vagabond and MDOP**


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  1. concerned VICTIM! says:

    Grimes stole my wallet out of my car in my driveway at least 7 years ago! he hasn’t stopped his criminal ways at all! the courts keep letting him out and he keeps doing the same thing! he’s absolute trash!!! STOP LETTING HIM OUT!!!

  2. Frustrated Victim says:

    Queene Anne and Caroline County are the ONLY two jurisdictions who have tried to keep this monster incarcerated . They have been diligent about finding him and protecting his victims. He broke into my house while a Talbot County detective witnessed it while having him under surveillance , and they did nothing to protect me nor did they tell me about the incident , I was informed by Maryland State Police.In April 2016, Grimes was released from prison, serving 2 of his 8 year sentence ,AND WAS NEVER ORDERED TO SERVE PROBATION with a daunting criminal record that dates back to 1998! You want justice, contact Gary Hoffman in Queene Anne’s County, he is amazing and truly protects victims. I couldn’t agree more that he needs to stay in prison .

  3. Percy says:

    This loser broke into my car as I slept just a few yards away in my house. When I learned that’ he’s basically a career criminal, I can’t figure out why he keeps getting let out. In many countries, his hands would have been cut off or he would have been executed a long, long time ago. But then again, America sadly had turned into a place where the criminal has more rights than the victims. And there would be scores of people to protest and riot if he wasn’t treated with Kid gloves…So maybe I’ll get restitution but it’s not coming out of his pocket. It comes out of the pockets of people who actually work for a living and pay taxes. Frustrating

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