Billy T. Jesmer, Jr. has filed a notice of appeal to the Denton Board of Appeals.

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UPDATE:  Appeal Hearing March 7,2017. (Click play to listen to the hearing.)


According to Bill T. Jesmer Jr, The Town of Denton requested a dismissal stating the Board of Appeals has ” No Authority” to second guess the executive functions or legislative actions of Denton Town Council.

Going on to state the Constitutionality of Chapter 94 ( Property Maintenance) definition of ” Rubbish” is also beyond the power of the Board of Appeals.

Jesmer’s  Attorney Mike Jacobs presented the a enlightenment and  legal requirements from the Maryland Appellate Court that the Board of Appeal is capable and having jurisdiction to address such matter.( and must address )

Due to the complex legal issues at hand the Board of Appeal elected to ” Digest” all the information until April 4, 2017. The next Board of Appeal meeting scheduled.


March 5, 2017

According to Bill T. Jesmer, Jr.  he has over the years been trying to renovate and otherwise improve the residential property located at 700 Gay Street.


That property belonged to Bill’s stepfather Donald Alley until Mr. Alley passed away on July 13, 2015.  Since that propertyoriginally belonged to Bill’s grandmother, Bill was helping his stepfather renovate that very deteriorated property in the hopesthat one day Bill could live there.  His plan has been to over time, make that property an attractive and positive part of that community.


Bill says he  has been paying the expenses for those renovations and he has been working alone on the project after normal working hours from his otherwise full-time construction job.  So it has been expensive and slow going for Bill.


Until recently, Bill said he had made significant progress on and in the property.  However, before he passed, Mr. Alley had gotten into some disputes with the town of Denton.  Bill “inherited” those disputes from Mr. Alley as he tried to continue with the much-needed renovations after Mr. Alley passed away.  So now, Bill is trying to clear up the town-related issues so that he can complete those renovations.


According to Bill these board proceedings involve Bill’s efforts to remove some of the bureaucratic road blocks which presently are stopping the renovations and causing the property to further deteriorate.  Those bureaucratic issues have been preventing Bill from completing his work at the property which he believes will ultimately serve to improvthe appearance and quality of the house and that part of Denton.






Notice is hereby given that the Town of Denton Board of Appeals will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, March 7, 2017, at 6:30 p.m., at the Denton Town Office, 4 North Second Street, Denton, Maryland, relative to the following application:

BOA-17-001 –  The Applicant, Billy T. Jesmer, Jr. has filed a notice of appeal to the Denton Board of Appeals pursuant to Section 111 of the International Property Maintenance Code, 2015 Edition, which has been adopted by the Town of Denton as the Town of Denton Property Maintenance Code, and incorporated into Section 94 of the Denton Town Code.  The Applicant alleges that the Denton Town Council unlawfully adopted Resolution No. 837, which he contends seeks to impose a tax lien on certain real property located at 700 Gay Street, Denton, Maryland, for charges that the Applicant contends were unlawfully assessed by the Town of Denton Planning & Codes, for the Town’s storage of the Applicant’s personal property removed by the Town from certain properties located at 700 Gay Street, 708 Gay Street and 12 North 7th Street, in Denton, Maryland.  A complete copy of the notice of appeal, including the Applicant’s supporting documents, are available for inspection and review at the Denton Town Office, 4 North Second Street, Denton, Maryland, during normal business hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

For additional information on the Public Hearing, please contact the Town of Denton Department of Planning and Codes at 410-479-3625.  Please advise Town Staff of any special needs to attend the hearing by March 1, 2017.

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