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Scouting is an honored and beloved American tradition, and many local troops in our area are associated with their local United Methodist Church. Avery P. Boege, a young man from Worton, MD, began the process of obtaining the rank of Eagle, the highest honor in the Boy Scouts, two years ago. A major project is required for this ranking, and when Avery was talking recently with Pecometh Facilities Director Bud-d Landing, he found out that the fire pits there weresorely in need of an upgrade.



Bud-d’s team was spending valuable time and resources each time they had to cut the grass around the fire pits. They had to stop and move all of the benches surrounding the pits, cut the grass, trim around the pre-existing pits, and return the benches. His team also periodically needed to restack the rock rings around the pits. Safety could also be a concern because the ground wasn’t always level. Challenge accepted!



Avery went to work on designing 7 new fire rings located all around the camp and one at the beachfront, each with a 24-foot wide circle and a 4-foot wide fire ring in the center. Each of these refurbished rings is constructed of pavers from EP Henry and the seating area around each ring is tamped millings, donated by David A. Bramble Inc. From inception, the project took one year to complete, and the actual project itself, involving 20 people equipped with a lot of rakes and shovels, 2 front end loaders, two dump trailers and one tamping machine, was done in one full day.



The new design of these rings and surrounding seating allows Bud-d and his team to continue cutting the grass without having to move benches and do the other tedious work done before. The seating area around these rings remains clean and stable, making it safe for all who enjoy them.

How much did all of this cost? The total came in at just over $4,300, with the excavation work donated by Danny Usilton and Sons, LLC. Gillespie and Sons, LLC also made a large donation to the project, but the labor itself was entirely volunteer. A solicitation letter for additional donations was sent out in late May 2016, and many came through for Avery, including Ms. Carla Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Danny Parker, Dr. and Mrs. Alvan Holston, Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Schrader, Mr. Chris Boege, Dr. and Mrs. James Dabbs, and Mr. and Mrs. Doug Bauer. Within two weeks of the letter being sent, the entire cost of the project was covered!



What has been the response to these new fire rings? Avery says, “I get to hear great stories of how people are enjoying the rings– groundskeepers as well as campers!” What has he learned from his years in scouting? “I have learned countless skills that can be used in any situation…leadership opportunities, first aid, carpentry and survival skills, cooking and what it means to be a good citizen. I will also take away [from scouting] the ability to lead in most any circumstance, as well as problem solving skills, self confidence and self awareness, really a MacGyver-ability.” Nice 80’s flashback. In closing, his family is so proud that he officially earned his rank of Eagle Scout at 7:30pm on Wednesday February 22, 2017. Congratulations, Avery and well-done!

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