Welcome Back! Fine Forgiveness Week at the Caroline County Public Library.

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The Caroline County Public Library says, “You forgot?  We forgive!”  The library is offering a special “Welcome Back” Fine Forgiveness Week to encourage customers to return overdue items to the library, have old charges forgiven and become active library users again. 


Visit any library location from May 15-20, 2017, return any overdue items you can find at home, and ask to have your fines forgiven and card updated (bring proof of address).  Your library card will be wiped clean as if brand new.  And if you have lost your library card and need a new one, stop by any Location during Fine Forgiveness Week and we will replace it for free.


According to Library Director Debby Bennett, “The library’s mission is to bring people, information, and ideas together to enrich lives, increase knowledge and build community.  It’s not to collect fines.  Overdue fines were meant as an incentive for library customers to bring items back to the library on time. Fines were never meant to discourage our customers from returning to the library. We see this as a way to welcome you back.  Ilibrary charges have been keeping you away, we miss you and want you back to see all the great things the library has to offer you and your family!


The idea to offer a fine forgiveness week was proposed to the Library Board of Trustees at their April meeting, where they voted unanimously to support it. “A number of the Board members work in business and finance and acknowledged that it is sometimes necessary to “write off” a loss, especially if that loss is small and occurred years ago,” said Board President Dr. Caroll Visintainer.  “Staff shared that records show most delinquent customers owed less than the current cost of a single hardback book, yet they found that nearly all of these customers have simply stopped using the library.  That was never the intent.  This is a fresh start for everybody.”


If you have library materials at home that you have dreaded bringing in, fine forgiveness week is for you!  If you can tell us a great story about why you haven’t been in for so long, even better!  Perhaps you were abducted by aliens? Your library books formed the foundation of your house made of booksNo matter the reason, your fines are forgiven.  Welcome back!  For more information, call the library at 410-479-1343.

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