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Senior Prank Gone Wrong! - The Caroline Circle - Caroline County and the Mid Shore News : The Caroline Circle – Caroline County and the Mid Shore News

Senior Prank Gone Wrong!

| May 27, 2017 | 1 Comment

INCIDENT:       Burglary / Theft / MDOP (Senior Prank Gone Wrong)
DATE / TIME:    05/26/2017 @ 0130 Hours
LOCATION:       Queen Anne’s County High School


Garrett Logan Deese (18) of Centreville, MD



Robert David Chanaud (19) of Centreville, MD



Wyatt Patrick Pinder (18) of Centreville MD


The morning staff of the QACHS discovered the concrete lion statue that sits in the lobby of the school had been moved down a hall where it was left on its side. Investigation including video and statements showed three subjects (later it was learned they were all seniors) entered the school thru an open door and while in the building unrolled wrestling mats in the lobby and threw toilet paper on steel ceiling beams.

They then attempted to steal the concrete lion statue, which is estimated to be around 1000 pounds by placing it on a dolly and rolling it down a hallway towards an exit. Due to the weight of the lion and the dolly had metal wheels the floor was damaged. Near the exit, when they attempted to pick up the lion it fell over damaging the statue.

The damage to the lion included a large chip on the nose, a chip on the side of the face, small abrasions on the side and a large crack on the tail. An estimate of the damage is $2000.

The three have been charged with Burglary, Theft, MDOP and Trespassing. All three are awaiting an initial appearance before a District Court Commissioner.








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  1. Sarah K. Porter says:

    How exactly could this “senior prank” have gone right?

    This was no prank, it was criminal behavior. And no one would have referred to this crime (actually, multiple crimes) a senior prank if the perpetrators were say, high school dropouts or homeschoolers — much less if they were nonwhites.

    The Star Democrat also referred to it as a “prank gone wrong.” Maybe it’s the headlines and the mentality behind them that have “gone wrong.”

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