Escapee Jeffrey Ronald Kindle (AKA Simon Gray) (36) of Chestertown, MD Charged with Rape.

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Rape / Sex Offenses
DATE / TIME: 06/28/2017
LOCATION: Leverage Road, Chestertown, QA, MD.

ARREST: Jeffrey Ronald Kindle (AKA Simon Gray) (36) of Chestertown, MD

Deputies were called to the ER of the Chester River Medical Center for a report of a sex assault occurring the day before.

The female victim had visible injuries to her head, neck, bruises to her side, cuts on her legs and a black eye. The victim reported that she was at the Courtyard Inn on Church Hill Road near Chestertown with a man she had known for a couple of months. The victim said she knew the man as Simon Gray but recently found out his real name was Jeff Kindle.

Victim stated she had argued with Kindle and left going to her apartment in Chestertown. A little while later, Kindle arrived at her apartment. Victim states Kindle forced her into a car and drove to the Courtyard Inn and tried to force her in a room. Unable to get her in a room, he forced her back in the car and drove to a location on Leverage Road.

Victim states she was dragged into woods where Kindle forced her to the ground and began to hit her in the face and kick her in the side. Her clothes were ripped as Kindle began to assault her.  Victim advised she doesn’t recall how she got home but ran to a friend’s residence who called the police.

Charges were issued for the arrest of  Jeffrey Ronald Kindle for 1st and 2nd Degree Rape, 4 counts of Sex Offenses, Perverted Practice, 1st & 2nd Degree Assault, Reckless Endangerment, False Imprisonment, Dangerous Weapon with intent to injure and MDOP.


Kindle was located by Chestertown Police as he was walking in the parking lot of Chester River Medical Center. Detectives from QA Sheriffs Office responded to Chestertown and transported him to Sheriff’s Headquarters. It was also learned that Kindle was wanted for escape from the Morris Community Corrections facility in Delaware. After Kindle was processed at Sheriff’s Headquarters, a District Court Commissioner held Kindle without bail.



Kindle is also a Registered Sex Offender in Delaware for a 2001 4th degree rape of a victim under 16.


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