Caroline County, Md.- Robert Clough sentenced to 28 years and Teresa Holden sentenced to 8 years.

| July 7, 2017 | 29 Comments

In the month of September of 2016, residents of the Fox Grape Community in Caroline County were victims of burglaries. Two Defendants Robert Clough and Teresa Holden were charged after investigation conducted by the Caroline County Sheriff’s Department.

The State’s Attorney Office for Caroline County obtained convictions for both Defendants. Mr. Clough was sentenced to a term of 28 years in the Division of Corrections and ordered to pay $1,900.00 in restitution to the victims. Ms. Holden was sentenced to eight years of incarceration in conjunction to these property crimes. Joe Riley, the Ad Interim State’s Attorney would like to commend Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Kristina Arriaga for her hard work in obtaining these results. In addition, recognition should go to Detective Justin Reibly of the CCSD for a thorough investigation.

It was learned that these crimes were most likely committed pursuant an addiction to opiates. While this office is sympathetic to addicts, it cannot and will not abide felonies committed in order to feed that habit. The right to be secure in one’s home supersedes the addicts desire to feed their addiction will be the overriding motivation for this office. While the State’s Attorney Office acknowledges that addiction to heroin is sometimes categorized as a disease, it does not stop our offices commitment to protecting our families. If you are suffering with heroin addiction and are looking for help, I encourage you to contact our local health department and the Caroline Counseling Center for their Addiction Recovery Services.


Joseph A. Riley – Prosecutor of both Defendants
(State’s Attorney-Ad Interim for Caroline County)


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  1. BETTY BALLAS says:

    Love the comment and first priority commitment from Joe Riley, State’s Attorney to protecting citizens. There are many people that work very hard to provide mental health and healing here in Caroline County for addicts..there is no reason for someone to commit a felony to feed their habit, rather than seek help…

  2. Joe Riley says:

    Thank you Ms. Ballas.

  3. Mary brecheen says:

    Very well written, please include phone numbers were addicts can go to help quit.

    • Matthew Yates, Heather Boggs says:

      addiction is selfish. in the aspect that you gotta get clean for you first

      • Dennis says:

        Yes because you might not die

      • Crystal Ell says:

        In my opionion, the people that are selfish are these pharmaceutical companies that are constantly making opiod pain medications and these doctors out here that are steady handing prescriptions out like they are candy. Those people are making money off of other misery and misfortune. There is not a person around that does not have a family member or know of, or heard of someone somewhere, that isn’t battling this heartbreaking addiction. Addiction a very hard thing to overcome. Even for the strongest of them of all.

        • Crystal Ell says:

          In regards to my previous comment, let me clarify, that by no means do I condone breaking the law. I am simply saying that the addicts are not the only ones that should be facing criminal charges.

        • Sharon says:

          I go to pain management because I am a female that has chronic pain. If I didn’t have my medication I would be suffering as I was before having the correct pain management. I have to supply urine samples each time. This is all regulated with the Government and I have never heard of a dr just giving our Rx scripts. Those that abuse these drugs that come from dealers make it hard for those of us to receive our pain management. You have to be accepted by a pain management group. One group must release you before another will take you as patient. We have to go every month to be be seen and tested. Please don’t blame this on drs. I have no clue where they get the drugs from must be people making them illegally like those who grow marijuana.

          • I have been going to pain mang for some years now we use to be able to get 15mg some people got 30 mg for chronic pain. But not anymore we get 10mg and that’s it. And it’s all because these people who go to Dr’s and say they are in pain and get pills such as percocet and sell them. I struggle every day just to get up out of bed because of the pain but because of the drug dealers not the dr’s left me say the good dr’s that are legit I have to suffer for their actions.And yes I have to give urine samples and I have to see Dr every month.But I will say I know of a couple of people who go to legit pain mang or lets say I think they are ligit and they sell their pills for other drugs. Just so wrong and it all rolls down hill to the people that need them and can’t get them.

  4. Betty thoms says:

    it amazes me,,,yes, they need help!!!! however what about the many seniors that need meds & cant afford them or the 20% that most insurances require,, , definitely needs to be given attention,,,thank you

  5. Dennis bergholz sr says:

    There are still more in the upper part of marydel that need lots of help when i moved here 20 plus yrs ago i could leave my doors unlocked my shop open but now you got to lock it all up and keep a gun beside ur bed at night this aint the only state tho many states are this bad young kids taking there grandparents pills for what that overnight high its crazy but great job and thanks for ur hard work

  6. Dustin colby says:

    I am personally a retired drug addict. opiates specifically it is not a fucking disease it is weakness these junkies are weak they need to pay for their consequences get them out of the world and into an institution where they can become stronger buy abstinence over a period of time

    • Ann Martin says:

      Amen to that Dustin Colby. Disease / Addiction . . . . whatever you want to label it. Each person IS RESPONSIBLE for their own actions. i am so sick of poor behavior being blamed on drugs. GROW UP PEOPLE. Laws are in place for a reason.

  7. Rick White says:

    28 years, I know people who got less for murder… Just saying.

  8. Greg white says:

    Wbere are all these pain pills coming from ….they werent here 15 yrs ago …drs prescibing pain medicine for anything …clean up the problem at the head of the snake …legalized drug mkt is all it is …give some these doctors 28 yrs for there mis handling of drugs

  9. Peter says:

    Yes. I’m sure prison will help get her clean… Because you can’t get drugs in prison :/. The only way someone is going to get clean is if they want it and seek help.

  10. Ur worst nightmare says:

    In this day and age jail is a badge of honor jail isn’t gonna do shit…and yes u can get drugs in jail even here in Ccdc u think there’s not gonna be someone sneaking shit in? Face it on for the old timers in the town, THE TOWN U ONCE KNEW IS DEAD AND NEVET COMING BACK…now I ask u this WHAT THE FUCK U GONNA DO ABOUT IT?

  11. Wise Old One says:

    Sad that some would think jail is a “badge of honor”. Believe me, you will not feel that way in 20 yrs. Hoping these young people get help for their addiction. Greensboro will survive this. The drug dealers will go to jail and the addicted will hopefully get help, or go to jail or die. It is their choice. Do not thik this will destroy Greensboro. It was here when you were born “Ur worst nightmare” and will be there when you are gone.

  12. Ur worst nightmare says:

    Well makes good population control

  13. Me says:

    The ADDICTS will not get help until they are READY, some don’t get that chance. Parents are burying their children instead of the children burying their parents. SAD…

  14. on point says:

    Badge of honor and jail is actually an oxy-moron…you obviously haven’t been down on any real bid to run your mouth. Addiction based on weakness…wow Einstein try that model went out when Lincoln was president. The reality of it all is not at all cut and dry. I have worked in the substance abuse industry in this area for many many years. There is some truth to the Pharmaceuticals and subsequently Dr’s shouldering the blame for a pre-curser (IE: RX/oxycotin) as the Dr’s were supposedly duped by the pharms thinking they were safer per the supposed time release factor negating chances for abuse/dependence. Purdue and its top executives pleaded guilty to charges that it misled doctors and patients about the addictive properties of Oxycontin and misbranded the product as “abuse resistant.” Prosecutors found a “corporate culture that allowed this product to be misbranded with the intent to defraud and mislead.” Purdue Pharma paid $600 million in fines, among the largest settlements in U.S. history for a pharmaceutical company. This said it still continued which is why we saw a big increase in admissions for oxy abuse. Of course after time this has turned into Heroin as it is much cheaper and even more Fentanyl and more recently the more powerful carfentanyl. Many of these substances and their sub-types/annalogues are made in labs in china and then exported to places such as US which is the leading user of these substances in the world. While there is no single one reason for the current climate of use the RX companies and the money they gave to Dr’s for prescribing them certainly is a big part of the issue whence it began. And the statement of what are you going to do about it should be more like what can i do about it. You can join with the many others who have chosen to be a part helping to reduce the issue. This isn’t something that the word solved will ever be appropriate per reality but the reduction of such surely can be. FED-Up-Rally august 31st courthouse green 3-7 stop running your mouth and actually do something other than complain and spout nonsense.

    • Laurie says:

      I know, right? That is a lot of jail time for $1900 in theft. Unless it was like 5 or 6 break-ins.
      I would not have wanted his lawyer, just sayin’.

  15. carol griffith says:

    It is so sad there are so many people addicted to drugs. it isn`t just kids it is all walks of life. theres lawyers, police officers, doctore teachers, the list goes on and on. Only difference is some can afford it and some can`t. Stop and think about it do you really think your son or daughter woke up one day and say I want to be a DRUG ADDICT1 I think not. so next time you see a boy or girl all strung out remember that person is someones son or daughter.

    • on point says:

      @Carol: You are correct, if ever there was an EOE (equal opportunity Employer) substance abuse/use is it. As you know it does not discriminate per any demographic you can point to…$$$ usually only equates to only being able to roll a little longer…affecting day to day behavior and functioning is the direction of travel…

  16. Laurie says:

    !!! Thanks for the info.

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