SOBRIETY CHECKPOINT the week of August 21st thru August 27th 2017 location within Talbot County.

| August 4, 2017 | 3 Comments

Predetermined location within Talbot County

Law enforcement agencies and Maryland State Highway Administration from throughout Talbot County will join forces to conduct a sobriety checkpoint.  The operation will be conducted with the five States and the District of Columbia campaign, “Checkpoint Strikeforce”.  The goal is to reduce the number of drunk and drugged drivers on Talbot County roadways.

The Maryland State Police and Maryland State Highway Administration would like to wish all of you a safe and sober travel.  

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  1. Ur worst nightmare says:

    Thanks for letting everyone know…wanna really catch intoxicated drivers?! Don’t announce it on the internet

    • MD State Police sent it to us to be released to the public its required.

      Why do police announce DUI checkpoints?

      If the police don’t publicize a checkpoint it can be considered a detention without reasonable suspicion, and that violates your Fourth Amendment rights. … 10 states in all have bans on sobriety checkpoints. Fortunately for police, the publication of checkpoints hasn’t affected their ability to arrest drunk drivers.

    • sometimesIwonder says:

      Right Ur worst nightmare!! I thought the exact same thing lol. If we check the paper right before the dates listed they will probably tell us where it is lol!

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