SOBRIETY CHECKPOINT The week of September 9th through September 16th 2017 In a Predetermined location within Caroline County

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“Checkpoint Strikeforce”

When: The week of September 9th through September 16th 2017

Where: Predetermined location within Caroline County


Law enforcement agencies and Maryland State Highway Administration from throughout Caroline County will join forces to conduct a sobriety checkpoint.  The operation will be conducted with the five States and the District of Columbia campaign, “Checkpoint Strikeforce”.  The goal is to reduce the number of drunk and drugged drivers on Caroline County roadways.



August 25, 2017                                                                           

A cooperative effort between the Maryland State Police, Talbot County Sheriff’s Office, Easton Police Dept and Saint Michaels Police Dept netted the arrest of 1 suspected impaired motorist.


The arrest stemmed from operation Checkpoint Strikeforce which was conducted at Rt 33 at Station Rd.  The operation was conducted between 9:00 pm Friday night through 2:00 am Saturday morning beginning on 8/25/17.  191 vehicles were checked during the operation.  The Checkpoint was manned by 6 State Troopers, 3 Talbot County Sheriffs Deputies, 2 Saint Michaels Officers and 2 Easton PD officers.

Saturation Patrol of Talbot County during the checkpoint yielded an additional 22 traffic stops which resulted in 1 arrest for DUI.


The Maryland State Police and Maryland State Highway Administration would like to wish all of you a safe and sober travel.



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  1. Easton says:

    To everyone,

    Remember your rights. Due to their public announcements overriding probable cause to stop someone, police can legally stop you, but your constitutional rights still apply in this police department fundraiser. As they take the time to check tags, licenses, or any smell (alcohol, drugs, etc.), remember that, if they do not have probable cause, they have no right to search your car. Although a good amount of police officers like to go against the law and play a civilian’s lack of knowledge on their rights, you should not fear about knowing or announcing your rights to any police officer that approaches you. Without probable cause, you are not required to answer any questions.

    Know your rights and avoid being taking advantage of for support of a governmen that does not care about your rights or being.

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