Paul Owen received 25 years in Human Trafficking sentencing. Caroline County, MD.

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Paul Owen


In December of 2016, the Defendants Darlene Louise Allen and Paul Owen, trafficked a minor female victim from the Best Western Hotel in Denton, Caroline County, Maryland located at 521 Fleetwood Dr. to a residence in Greenwood, Delaware for the purposes of having the minor female engage in prostitution.


The minor female revealed that she was encouraged to perform sex acts in exchange for money by Darlene Louise Allen and Paul Owen. She detailed an incident in January where she was driven by Darlene Louise Allen and Paul Owen to a location in Delaware, met an individual later identified as John Lapp (DOB 11/13/1946), performed a sex act, received money from John Lapp, gave that money to Darlene Louise Allen and Paul Owen, they procured heroin, and all three injected the narcotics with the minor female victim being assisted by Darlene Louise Allen and Paul Owen. The minor female further divulged that she had intercourse with Paul Owen, no money or drugs were exchange for this sex act.


At the sentencing hearing for Mr. Owen, psychological evaluations of the victim were presented to substantiate the State’s claim that an injury took place to the victim. Defense counsel argued that the victim’s injuries were related to trauma that took place earlier in her life that Mr. Owen had no part in. The Court acknowledged the evaluations and found that the claims of pre existing trauma cut both ways. Yes, the victim suffers from trauma that Mr. Owen had nothing to do with but his actions that he pled guilty to exacerbated that injury. The Court found that what happened in this matter were,  “a parent’s worst nightmare.”


Darlene Louise Allen entered a plea of guilty to Human Trafficking on June 15, 2017. She was sentenced to 20 years on August 11, 2017 . Paul Owen entered a plea of guilty to Human Trafficking and a 3rd Degree Sex Offense for having vaginal intercourse with the minor victim. He was sentenced to 20 years for the Human Trafficking and 5 years consecutive on the sex offense on September 14, 2017. Mr. Owen will have to register as a Tier II Sex Offender upon release.


The State’s Attorney’s Office would like to acknowledge the work of Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Kristina Arriaga and Assistant State’s Attorney Caroline Norman with their work on this conviction. Furthermore, we would like to recognize the work of the Caroline County Sheriff’s Department (particularly Detective Justin Reibly), the Department of Social Services, and the Department of Juvenile Services for the work these agencies put in to help obtain this result. Most of all though, we want to acknowledge the courage of our minor victim for coming forward. Without her cooperating with this prosecution, her willingness to come forward, and share the details of this incident (which while we view her as blameless was no doubt difficult to recount) none of this would be possible.


This is another facet to the opiate epidemic in our community. Heroin addiction limits the addicts’ ability to express empathy to others and may cause the addict to have disregard for the rights of others. While the State’s Attorney Office acknowledges that addiction to heroin is sometimes categorized as a disease, it does not stop our offices commitment to protecting our families. If you are suffering with heroin addiction and are looking for help, I encourage you to contact our local health department and the Caroline Counseling Center for their Addiction Recovery Services. If you are a victim of human trafficking and are looking for assistance please know that we want to help. If you do not feel safe contacting the State’s Attorney Office please contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888.


                    Joseph A. Riley – Prosecutor of both Defendants

                    (State’s Attorney-Ad Interim for Caroline County)


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