Caroline County Md- Morales-Soto pleas guilty to Second Degree Rape and is set to be sentenced Nov 15, 2017.

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September 20, 2017



On April 4, 2017 a minor female during a routine health exam was found to be pregnant. The minor child confided in her mother the identity of the person who impregnated her. That person was Sergio Morales-Soto (DOB 04/12/1997). Mr. Morales-Soto was at the time a student at North Caroline High School. The mother of the victim confronted Morales-Soto when he returned from school because she was aware of where he resided for the purposes of enrolling at the school (Morales-Soto’s actual physical address was in DE but he claimed a Marydel, MD address to attend NCHS). Morales-Soto confessed to the victim’s mother that he had sex with the minor victim at a location in Marydel, MD. Police were not called at that time.


The victim was taken to the Department of Social Services for the purposes of a forensic interview with one of the licensed social workers. These workers are specially trained for interviewing children who have been victims of trauma. After the interview the identity of Morales-Soto was further confirmed to the minor victim’s parents. The father of the victim contacted the Caroline County Sheriff’s Department. The father further indicated his belief that Morales-Soto was attempting to flee the country and return to his native Guatemala. Lt. Donald Baker and Det. RJ Helmer entered a warrant in the Eastern Shore Information Center and attempted with no avail to locate Morales-Soto locally.


On April 5, 2017 US Customs agents contacted the Caroline County Sheriff’s Department and informed them that Morales-Soto was being held by the Clayton County (GA) police for the purposes of extradition. Video footage from Thurgood Marshall BWI was obtained that showed Morales-Soto boarding a flight from BWI to Atlanta Airport. Morales-Soto was apprehended at Atlanta Airport on a plane due for Guatemala. That would be confirmed from the tickets purchased and video footage.


On April 12, 2017 Morales-Soto was returned to Caroline County. He was questioned and confessed to having vaginal intercourse with the victim. Morales-Soto entered a plea of guilty to Second Degree Rape and is set to be sentenced on November 15, 2017.


The State’s Attorney’s Office wishes to commend the work of the Caroline County Sheriff’s Department whose quick thinking in actions are the only reason this matter could be brought to justice. In Caroline County, the criminal laws of the State of Maryland will be enforced without regard to national origin of the parties. In Caroline County, we will never accept an argument that harming a child is permissible because it is acceptable in another jurisdiction.


Joseph A. Riley State’s Attorney Ad Interim

Prosecutor of Sergio Morales-Soto

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