David Bowman allegedly pointed a handgun at a man outside the Choptank River Yacht Club, in Caroline County Md.

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David Bowman


On October 7, 2017,

Deputies responded to 10287 River Landing Road, Denton, Md for an Assault involving a firearm. Deputies arrived on scene to learn that David Bowman had pointed a handgun at Michael Winstead while outside the Choptank River Yacht Club. The incident stemmed from an argument between Bowman and Winstead a short time earlier.


Bowman had fled the scene just prior to Deputies arriving but was located a short time later at his residence on Willow Pond Road. Bowman was taken into custody and charged with Assault and Reckless Endangerment that evening. The firearm used during the Assault was not recovered at that time.


On October 19, 2017, Sheriff’s Office Detectives, with assistance from the Queen Anne’s County tactical team, executed a search and seizure warrant at Bowman’s residence. During the course of that search warrant, numerous firearms were seized to include the handgun used during the Assault at the Yacht Club.


On November 7, 2017, an Arrest Warrant was obtained for Bowman charging him with numerous counts of Assault, Firearms violations and Reckless Endangerment. Bowman was taken into custody at his residence and after being processed, was seen by a District Court commissioner, who later held Bowman at the Caroline County Detention Center on NO BOND.


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  1. Jerry Butler former Denton native! says:

    You don’t worry about pointing a gun you worry about using it. His good sense told him not to pull the trigger. Take that into consideration. He was raised well by good parents. Denton don’t have that good of a record of good sense!

  2. Jeffery Mcdougal says:

    He’s an outlaw !!! Wild West ! yeeeehaw!

  3. Joyce M Blizzard says:

    how did such a person get on the choptank yacht property was he a member if not this is not a good thing to be happening. better check members out better if he was and he he was not the member that bought him on the property should be suspend for a while for bringing a no account to this property this is suppose to be a respectful place & safe to come to. thank you Joyce Blizzard

  4. Unicorn says:

    Nothing u said made sense miss joyce i mean where did u attend school?..lol

    • Sharon Neuwiller says:

      Unicorn, this is how I read Ms Joyce’s post
      1. Was he a member?
      If so he Should have membership revoked
      2. Did a member invite him as a guest to establishment?
      If yes and a Member invited him then the member should also have some type of reprimand as well
      3. This establishment should posssibly investigate more when members are applying for membership in order to try and keep the establishment and their members protection from this kind of individual.
      I may be wrong but that is how I read her comment

  5. carol griffith says:

    I feel sorry for the man who had a gun pulled on him it is a very serious crime, thank GOD he wasn’t hurt. The man deserves to be in jail, but so does the man who had all the child pornography. Everybody says keep your children safe, how are we going to keep them safe if the judges and the courts keep letting them go. They will probably do it again.

  6. carol griffith says:

    I feel sorry for the man who had a gun pulled on him That is a very serious crime. Thank GOD he was not hurt. I also feel the man who had all the child pornography should be in jail. They say keep your children safe, how are we going to do that if the judges and courts are going to let them out. For sure he will do it again.

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