Earlier today, Sheriff Gary Hofmann announced that he will replace a dual purpose (drug recognition and patrol) dog within the Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff following the Line of Duty Death of K-9 Blek this past September.

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Picture 1- J.C. Richardson- President Delmarva K-9, Dfc. Chris Ahearn-QACSO K-9 Handler, Karl Milligan-Chief Delegate NPDF, Joe Occhipinti- Executive Director NPDF, Sheriff Gary Hofmann, & Major Dwayne Boardman- Chief Deputy QACSO





Sheriff Hofmann was joined by members of his agency and Joseph Occhipinti, Founder and Executive Director of
the National Police Defense Foundation (NPDF) who presented the Sheriff’s Office with a donation of $5,000 for
the purchase and training of a new K-9 for the Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff.

“The citizens of Queen Anne’s County deserve an active K-9 unit within my agency to focus on the drug issues
that are facing not only our county but our nation as a whole” said Sheriff Hofmann. “With this incredible
donation from the NPDF we are 50% of the way to securing a new K-9 which will help keep drugs off the streets
and out of the hands of our friends and neighbors” “The National Police Defense Foundation (NPDF) is honored to make this donation towards the procurement of a Police K-9 dog since they have become a critical element in conducting effective police operations. The 205,000 members and supporters of the NPDF mourn the loss of Queen Anne’s County Sheriff K-9 Blek whose end of watch was 9-8-2017. The donation was made in his memory under the NPDF “Safe Cop-Save a K-9 Officer Program”. Said NPDF Executive Director Joseph Occhipinti



Picture 3- Check Presentation- Milligan, Occhopinti, Hofmann, Boardman


Additional donations have been received from the Queen Anne’s County FOP Lodge #108, Ms. Elizabeth Pierson
who sold Blek memory bracelets, Centreville United Methodist Church, and Dr. Amy Delano-McNair. The
remaining cost associated with securing this new K-9 has been approved by and will come from the Queen Anne’s
County Drug Task Force which will use seized and forfeited funds from within the county.


Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s K-9 Blek, a black Malanois/German Shepherd mix passed away on September 8,
2017. Blek was 4 years old and had a distinguished 3 year career with the Queen Anne’s County Office of the

Picture 4- Ahearn, Occhopinti, Hofmann

K-9 Blek was playing ball when he suddenly collapsed from a seizure. K-9 Blek was transported to a local vet by
his handler Deputy First Class Ahearn where he was stabilized and transported by the Queen Anne’s County
Department of Emergency Services to an emergency veterinary facility in Annapolis for further assistance, where
he ultimately passed away.



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