Caroline County Md- Sentencing on Jerry Lee Wall and Joshua Weaver.

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On March 9, 2017 Jerry Lee Wall and his relative Joshua Weaver broke and entered into a residence at 810 Market St. in Denton, Caroline County. Several individuals were in the residence including the mother of Wall’s children. Wall was armed with a handgun and used it to strike one of the occupants upon entry. Weaver then followed by assaulting the same individual by punching and kicking him.


Wall then moved his attention to the mother of his children, who were also at the scene one of whom was old enough to flee, contact police, and relay the facts from the first paragraph. Wall approached her, pointed the handgun at her, and made threatening statements on her life. Wall and Weaver left the scene and fled to Ocean City, MD via a vehicle. A handgun was found near the scene without a magazine. A search of the vehicle in Ocean City resulted in the recovery of a magazine loaded with cartridges that would fit the handgun recovered at the scene.


Wall and Weaver entered pleas of guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Home Invasion. Weaver was sentenced on November 15, 2017 to 20 years with all but 10 years suspended. Wall was sentenced to a flat 25 year active sentence.


Wall’s criminal history has showed a disturbing trend of increasing violence. He has previously been convicted of assault and assault against the mother of his children. As the Ad Interim State’s Attorney for Caroline County, I would say our number one cause of crime is opiate abuse (Possession with Intent to Distribute, Burglaries, Thefts, etc.). Number two is domestic related violence. The Mid Shore Council on Family Violence is a critical resource for victims of family violence. They are available 24/7 at 800-927-4673. I urge any victim of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse to reach out for help. Love should never hurt.


Joseph A. Riley – Prosecutor of both Defendants

(State’s Attorney-Ad Interim for Caroline County)



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  1. Victim of the system says:

    I have reached out to them on behalf of my child who has witnessed and been a victim of abuse and neglect by his opioid using and physically abusive mother and her criminal boyfriend. They only offer their “free help” to adults, who could help themselves and to amimals. They offer no help to children unless the parent asks for help for themselves, then the children are included. Children have to suffer through the custody courts at the “parents expense”. Children, like adults, and even more so, are effected by the abuse and by witnessing the abuse done to other family members but, they are not treated with the same respect as adults. Even animals have more rights than children do, and it’s completely wrong. And CPS is not the answer. We’ve been down that road as well. Love shouldn’t hurt but, in many cases it does, especially if you’re a child. Thank GOD for Joanne Asparagus!! She is the only hope any us have when it comes to our children and the courts. All we can hope for that she never retires.

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