Compass Regional Hospice aide receives Clinical Excellence Award

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Tara Russum, CNA, is the 2017 winner of the Cynthia L. Nugent Clinical Excellence Award in Hospice and Palliative Care. The award is named in honor of the late Cynthia Nugent, a hospice nurse who dedicated eight years of her life to Hospice of Queen Anne’s, now Compass Regional Hospice.

After Cynthia Nugent died in 2009, her husband, Bob, wanted to honor her work as a hospice nurse and recognize the excellent care she received as a patient at the Hospice Center in Centreville. Bob Nugent proposed creating an annual award that would honor Cynthia’s memory by recognizing a staff member whose work meets high levels of excellence.

Russum, who lives in Centreville, was nominated by her peers for this award, which recognizes a Compass Regional Hospice clinical care provider who has shown outstanding dedication and excellence in caring for terminally ill patients and assisting their families.

Russum has been a member of the Compass Regional Hospice clinical team for three years, as a night shift hospice aide at the Hospice Center in Centreville, where she spends a lot of her with patients. The award nominator wrote, “It is on night shift when fear takes over peace and our patients are afraid to close their eyes because they may not wake up, but then they see Tara and know that they have someone faithful by their side to help them through the night.”

“Sometimes when you haven’t seen Tara in a while, you will find her quietly sitting with a patient. Holding their hands when they are scared, talking to them when they are agitated or laughing with them to help ease their pain. This is not just on an occasional basis, but is a common occurrence with Tara.”

Adding, “Tara has worked herself into the hearts of many of our patients. It is her work with patients that is one of the most special aspects of her performance. She exemplifies everything that hospice is about— caring, compassionate, and going the extra mile to help patients and families at their most difficult times.”

Sharon Loving, social worker, Compass Regional Hospice and friend of the Nugent’s, presented this award to Russum on behalf of Bob and the Nugent family. “I had the honor to work with Cynthia. She was an exceptional nurse. Cynthia would be proud that Tara received the award because they both share the same sense of compassion when caring for their patients.”

Heather Guerieri, executive director, Compass Regional Hospice adds, “I want to thank Bob Nugent for establishing this award, which includes a financial gift for the winner and recognizes the valuable work done by the Compass Regional Hospice clinical staff.”

Other Compass Regional Hospice staff who have earned the Cynthia L. Nugent Clinical Excellence Award in Hospice and Palliative Care include social worker, Michelle Tuttle; hospice nurse, Sarah Severs; nurse practitioner Lisa Adkins; social worker, Sharon Loving; hospice aide, Beverly Baynard; hospice nurse, Melissa “Missy” Willis; bereavement counselor, Rhonda Knotts; and hospice aide, Melanie Glacken.



Tara Russum, CNA, (left, front row) the 2017 winner of the Compass Regional Hospice Cynthia L. Nugent Clinical Excellence Award in Hospice and Palliative Care, was joined in her celebration by Heather Guerieri, executive director (right, back row;) Sharon Loving, social worker (right, front row;) Tara’s mother Gladys Russum (middle, back row) and sister Susan Steward (left, back row.)


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