Easton Woman charged with unauthorized credit card use.

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EASTON, Md.- Easton police have arrested a Talbot County woman with theft and related charges following accusations that he made purchases with credit cards that belonged to clients of the company he worked for.
Officers served 23-year-old, Jamie Brooks, of Easton, with a criminal summons on Friday, Jan. 12, for the following charges:
Two counts of stealing another’s credit card.


Five count of charged another’s credit card charge of $100 – $1,500.

Six counts of charging another’s credit card of less than $100.

Two counts of attempted theft less than $100.

Five counts of attempted theft $100 – $1,500.

Four counts of theft less than $100.

Attempted theft scheme $100 – $1,500.

On Nov. 13, 2017, the Easton Police Department received complaints from two separate victims, in reference to suspicious activity on their credit and debit card accounts.


According to officers, both victims reported unauthorized activity on their credit card/debit card accounts on multiple occasions. These transactions took place between Nov. 1, and Nov. 16, 2017. One of the victims reported the unauthorized creation of a Paypal account in their name.

During the investigation, police learned Brooks worked for an in home assisted living company at the time of the unauthorized credit card transactions and that both victims were clients of that company.


Police say Brooks was at the homes of both victims while working for that company during the time of the unauthorized credit card activity.


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  1. Unicorn says:

    Just plain freaking ignorant and stupid!!..U deserve all the jail time u get!

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