Sean McGill gets life sentence for First Degree Attempted Murder – Caroline County MD.

| May 20, 2016 | 15 Comments

UPDATE 01/13/2017

According to Office of the State’s Attorney for Caroline County

In the early hours morning hours of May 19, 2016 Heather Hill suffered a horrible injury due to a heinous attack from Sean Mcgill. If not for the quick response and valiant efforts of law enforcement and first responders, particularly Cpl. Dan Franklin of the Denton Police Department and TFC Frank Fitzgerald of the Maryland State Police, there is little doubt this event would have been even more tragic.

Ms.Hill, I am pleases to say survived the attack and is able to her assailant come to justice. That is not always the case in matters involving domestic violence. Domestic violence (particularly towards women) is a scourge of our community, state, country, and society in general. It is my sincere hope that women in our community will take advantage of places that are available for assistance in particular, St.Martin’s Ministries in Ridgely where female victims of domestic violence can not only have shelter from their abuser for themselves and their children but, work towards a GED (in applicable) or help with employment solutions,

Most importantly, it is not the victim’s burden alone to bear. This problem will persist as long as boys and men still treat violence as a solution to domestic conflict. I hope and pray that we can move more to a society that condemns all violence towards women and it is no longer glorified or perhaps worse, ignored. The Caroline County State’s Attorney’s Office thanks all of the agencies who worked on this case helped bring it to its conclusion.

His sentence is as follows: First Degree Attempted Murder of Heather Hill – Guilty, sentenced to life. First Degree Assault of Jackie Roach sentenced to 25 years consecutive. False Imprisonment 3 years concurrent. He was found in violation of his probation for a Reckless Endangerment of Heather Hill and sentenced to the balance of that sentence (three and half years) consecutive to the attempted murder conviction.



DENTON, Md. – Police have now released the identity of a suspect wanted for stabbing two women early Thursday morning in Caroline County. Investigators are continuing their search for 45-year-old Sean McGill of Denton.The United States Capitol Area Regional Fugitive Task Force is offering a cash reward for any information that leads to McGill’s arrest.



According to Maryland State Police, 33-year-old Heather Hill of Greensboro, Md., and 53-year-old Jackie Roach of Camden, Del., were dropped off at a home in the 9100 block of Andersontown Road in Denton at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, with the intention of visiting a friend who lives there.

Police say unknown to the women, Hill’s ex-boyfriend, McGill, was also inside. According to state troopers, Hill had recently ended the relationship and they had been arguing throughout the day Wednesday. When Hill got to the house, police say she and McGill began arguing. That’s when the homeowner asked all three of them to leave, according to police. When the women made their way toward the door, police say McGill assaulted Hill and told her to stay inside.

Police say the three guests then made their way outside, where Hill and McGill continued to argue. According to police the man assaulted Hill by “throwing her to the ground, biting her nose, and then dragging her back to the front porch of the house.” Police say McGill then entered the home through a window, and the two women ran to another house to get help.

According to police, McGill then ran up behind the women at a neighbor’s house and started to punch Hill. Police say according to Roach, McGill chased her, too, when she started yelling at him to stop, and punched, hit and stabbed her in the hand.

According to investigators, McGill then ran off, and Hill collapsed, bleeding heavily from the neck and head.

State troopers from the Easton Barrack were called to the scene around 1 a.m. They say Hill was flown to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center for treatment, while Roach was treated on the scene and not immediately taken to a hospital.

Police searched in the air and on the ground for McGill but say he still has not been located. State police say they are working with the Caroline County State’s Attorney’s Office to determine charges for an arrest warrant.


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  1. No Sympathy says:

    When will the whole story be told regarding Heather Hill? She continually chooses men that feel the need to put hands on her. She has a track record of abuse in Caroline County that started a decade before this. She had orders for drug testing, and got away with smuggling another’s urine in a container within her bra, because her urine would come back dirty. This is the second individual within a year who she has laid with and then successfully been able to give a life sentence to. Yes, both these men could not have been more in the wrong, but Heather Hill is not a victim but more a “Willing Participant” every single time! She continually calls, texts, shows up and sends letters to this person, even while incarcerated and if she can find a way, will still do so! Her family loves her, as they should, but they know how troubled she is so let’s save all the tears. She always blames her family for any written statements made regarding her “assaults” in court and she was “forced to sign them”?? This assault is not her first rodeo, nor will it be her last. She seeks men who get violent. No other girls that this man has been in a relationship with were in this court room because they are going on with their lives and not badgering someone who clearly needs and has needed for a long time, mandatory institutional counsel. When will Heather Hill be held accountable for her patterns of drug/alcohol abuse and her continued assault against men?? We will soon read the paper and see again where she’s been involved with another guy who put hands on her or worse. NO SYMPATHY

    • Matt Duckworth says:

      Thank you! You hit the nail on the head here! She is a lieing drug addict and a alocholic and her family made her prosecute him cuz there tired of her lies and numerous fights with many other friends and boy friends also her own family. She told me if she didn’t do it her family would not help her in life anymore. Sean is my brother and yes he is a ass sometimes but he’s also a kind person. Drugs and alcohol can change a man and a women

    • Robert Hill says:

      Why don’t u put Ur name on here lol since u seem to know all the facts lol

    • A Woman says:

      I don’t know who sent (no sympathy) but the most me out of their minds. It couldn’t be a woman, no self respecting woman would say such things about another woman being abused and almost killed. NO woman deserves to be treated like that no matter who or what she may be. Heather has her own issues which she is working on and even if she wasn’t she still doesn’t deserved to be attacked. Neither did the other woman who tried to help her. The other man on at the attack should have stepped in and helped Heather instead of and small woman maybe things would have turned out different for all concerned. I have know Heather for some years now and yes she has problems and she picks the wrong men sometimes but no matter what she did not deserve what Sean did to her. The one who wrote those statement most not know any other women who have been abused by someone they loved and who said they loved them. I personally know of two they were neither drug addicts or alcoholics they went back to their abusers many times and even tried to convince themselves everything would be alright if they stayed and loved the other person more. Most of us know that does not work. As women we always think we can help people but we can’t fix men who don’t want to be fixed. Stop blaming the woman, help them instead. The twp woman I mentioned finally did get free of their abusers WITH HELP from family and friends and the law. I do feel bad for the family of Sean, but not for their attacks on Heather I have know of Sean since he lived on Cherry Lane he was a mean kid then, he should have gotten help then, maybe that’s what’s behind his families angrier towards Heather. No matter if Heather had been abused by every boyfriend she ever had still did not give Sean the right to do what he did. Other females he attacked were not in court for one thing they weren’t needed and for another they had moved away so they didn’t have to deal with Sean anymore Leave Heather alone.

  2. Dan Towers says:

    Every story has two sides (at least). The dramatic account previously published here told but one side. This gives us insight into the other side.

    • A Woman says:

      Dan can you really believe what you wrote? Two sides to a story of a woman being almost killed because some known abuser tried to kill her. What other side is there? No matter who or what a woman is they don’t deserve being killed.

  3. Get real says:

    Wow unbelievable. Poor girl almost gets murdered and its her fault? I’m guessing this has to be a family member mad because they didn’t know how to raise their son or help guide their sibling… Get a grip.

    • Matt Duckworth says:

      Don’t ever disrespect my mother again! I’ve never laid a had on a women in my life and he wasn’t raised to either. Ima stop outta respect for my mother and family, not cuz I want to 😉

      • Matt Duckworth says:

        Noone in our family posted anything on here. We know he did wrong. But don’t ever disrespect my mother. I have broke his jaw befor because of his actions but I still love him. Once again don’t disrespect my mother or family, you wouldn’t like it if someone said that to ur son daughter or family member either right?

        • A Woman says:

          Didn’t Heather help you out with that court case with your brother? Since you don’t need her anymore she’s a piece of crap? You broke his jaw with a baseball bat wasn’t that a little over kill. I feel bad for you and your family that you have lost your brother and son to prison, but I am glad Heather and Jackie’s family didn’t lose their loved ones to the grave.

  4. Conserned resident says:

    She’s no saint but a man needs to be just that a man and walk away and stay away if a woman pushes you to the point were you feel the need to harm her then get away from that person and don’t go back no matter what!! Sean has been in jail numerous times for abusing several after woman who had to relocate to other states because of fear of him!! He is right were he should be cause sooner or later he will actual kill someone!! He’s crazy and that’s all I have to say!!

  5. Robert Hill says:

    I don’t care what she said what she did fact is she got stabbed in the neck Iam sure that a 4″7 100 pound girl was beating him so bad and he felt so in danger that he needed to stab her lol considering he almost killed another girl too Iam sure that is what it was lol and Iam sure bye threating someone on here Iam sure everyone must see that this type of thing must run in the family

  6. Witness says:

    Years he has abused innocent women and just a slap on the hand . I’ve seen what he can do . He bites them that’s as bad as a serial killer , same MO

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